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By the founder of Marthas Country Bakery:

I remember vividly that sunny morning of April ist 2004 when we opened our doors to our Ditmars location in Astoria, Queens. Martha’s Country bakery, in my mother’s honor although my father is the baker.

Our neighbors stopping into the bakery, people coming in with grocery bags from the supermarket across the street. Others walking by on the busy streets of 37th streetand Ditmars Blvd telling us how they were lured in by the smell that was covering the atmosphere.

Once inside, they were taken in by the colorful displays inside the showcase refrigerators of various cakes, pies and desserts of all kinds.

But it was more than their immediate impressions, it was the words of inspiration that they voiced with excitement that motivated us to excel.

These same people continue to come to us as well as new patrons in all fields of occupations. This has inspired us to expand to Williamsburg Brooklyn, Bayside and Forest Hills, Queens.

Now in the shadow that the Coronavirus has cast over our beloved city, I see the generosity and the indefatigable spirit that flows from our doctors and assistants, firefighters and volunteers of all kinds fighting to save lives and make a difference as we combat this threat.

What we at Martha’s Country Bakery are doing, as a small gesture of appreciation and assistance is sending 20,000 pieces of baked goods throughout the month of April. Anything from muffins, croissants, cupcakes cookies, puddings and cakes, will be distributed to the various hospitals of Nassau, Queens, Brooklyn and Manhattan.

We would not have been in the position to do this without the outpouring love and support of your patronage.

Sincerely, George Stertsios